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Said The Sky, ILLENIUM reunite on moving ‘Sentiment’ single with Chelsea Cutler, ‘Walk Me Home’

“After what feels like a lifetime, we can finally see the finish line…” Said The Sky’s Wide-Eyed follow-up had been years in the making, but he put a formal cap on that waiting period when he revealed that Sentiment—his sophomore album—would finally see the light on February 18. Not long thereafter did Said The Sky share the 12 songs that would be joining “We Know Who We Are” with Olivver the Kid, “Treading Water,” and “Go On Then, Love,” with The Maine. And on the surface, the last of the Sentiment pieces seemed to be the most mouthwatering of them all, with “Walk Me Home” alongside ILLENIUM and Chelsea Cutler now ringing that to be true on Said The Sky’s fourth and final album single.

“Walk Me Home” strikes through a fifth line in Said The Sky and ILLENIUM’s collaborative tally, which includes “Rush Over Me,” “Where’d U Go,” “Sad Songs,” and a pair of Fallen Embers cuts, “Crazy Times” and “I See You.” This time around, Dancing Astronaut‘s 2021 Artist of the Year becomes a part of Said The Sky’s list of LP features as Chelsea Cutler also joins them to solidify an A-list producer-vocalist triad. Co-written with Annika Wells, “Walk Me Home” is doused in goosebump-inducing, heartstring-pulling emotion as Said The Sky and ILLENIUM’s crossovers tend to be, with a chilling arrangement of acoustics and strings piloting Cutler’s warm message that ultimately builds towards a rush of rock-melodic bass perfection that will soon serve as a fitting grand finale to Sentiment.

Featured image: David H. Nguyen

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