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Spencer Brown kickstarts new label with two-track EP

Marking the arrival of his newly inaugurated label, diviine, Spencer Brown welcomes in the milestone occasion with brooding loops that transform into lighter tones on Forbidden Flow / 18 Min Loop EP. Both tracks reflect Brown’s immense artistry as he delivers an expansion of progressive sounds. The first single, “Forbidden Flow,” clocks in at six minutes and 56 seconds, while “18 Min Loops” stays true to its name, running at 18 minutes exactly.

Brown came to the decision to begin his own label as a means to buck against the streaming norms of shorter tracks in order to cater toward algorithms. Speaking in a statement, Brown said,

“Streaming has provided an incredibly convenient means to consume music; there’s no denying it. We artists have to make a ‘shorter version’ or ‘streaming friendly version’ for every track we make. I completely understand the principle if it’s a radio-friendly track. But some music isn’t necessarily designed for radio. With progressive music, it’s about the journey. I love to foreshadow, and elements come and go as the song progresses. It’s an art in itself to keep someone’s attention for an extended period of time. The art is the art. The track is the track. If it’s three minutes, great! If it’s 18 minutes, great! That’s what it should be.”

“Forbidden Flow” can easily weave its way into spaced-out dance floors, while “18 Min Loop” sits as the perfect soundtrack to a long drive through dark and winding roads. As he continues to celebrate the launch of diviine, Brown also announced a limited run of shows at clubs in Dallas, Hamilton, ON, Boston, and Denver. A diviine launch party will also be taking place in Washington, D.C. with Eric Prydz on Saturday, April 16.

Featured image: Jeremy Verone

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