Premiere: Maddix cooks up ‘The Formula’ with charged original on Revealed RecordingsScreen Shot 2022 03 03 At 11.31.38 AM

Premiere: Maddix cooks up ‘The Formula’ with charged original on Revealed Recordings

Back in 2019, Maddix had an artistic epiphany. After helping to hold the bigroom reigns for nearly a decade, Maddix felt that things were getting stale and he wanted to stand out more in an increasingly overcrowded dance music talent pool, coming to the realization that “everything sounded a bit the same, and there was a lack of real innovation.” And serendipitously, he was able to effectively grab everyone’s attention when he reintroduced himself with “Ecstasy” just a couple of weeks into the pandemic. Fast forward exactly two years later and Maddix’s stylistic shift has paid off tenfold as he continues to drive his new high-octane sound forward with every release, now delivering “The Formula” via his longtime label home, Revealed Recordings.

Self-described as a “blend between techno, trance, and big room,” Maddix’s new-age reinvention is being established in 2022 through his first original of the year. When asking for some preemptive feedback before officially delivering “The Formula,” Maddix’s Instagram followers immediately reassured him that it was worth opening his release calendar with. “The Formula” is once again soaked with the creative freedom that Maddix was overcome with when choosing to “[let go] of the rules and boundaries a little more,” looping a vocal that speaks to the long-awaited resumption of festival season as he surrounds it with a hair-raising techno fever that wholly embodies what he’s sought to accomplish throughout the past two years. Maddix shared a message behind his career-altering decision to test his production limits and what “The Formula” represents to him, stating,

“It feels great to be finally able to make anything I want. And every track I am letting go of the rules and boundaries a little more, taking people on a trip through different genres and different musical eras. Right now I don’t care about genres, about bpm. There are no rules and it is all about that Maddix experience you get during a show! I would describe my new sound as a blend between techno, trance and big room. My fans call it Bigroom Techno, but you can call it whatever. ‘The Formula’ is a track that truly represents this new sound.”

“The Formula” is out everywhere via Revealed Recordings on March 4, but can be streamed in full one day early, exclusively on Dancing Astronaut.

Featured image: Balázs Popal

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