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Sofi Tukker tantalize on second single of ‘WET TENNIS’ rollout, the Mahmut Orhan-assisted ‘Forgive Me’

“One of the things that has always been important to us is that our collaborations are global, and that definitely remains true for this album,” Sofi Tukker‘s Sophie Hawley-Weld told Dancing Astronaut in a February interview on WET TENNIS, from which “Forgive Me” hails. The second single of their sophomore LP’s rollout, “Forgive Me” finds Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern giving fuller figuration to the global aspect of WET TENNIS‘ tracklist with an entreating cut that touts creative touches from Turkish DJ/producer, Mahmut Orhan.

As mere seconds of “Forgive Me” will betray, the sonic contrast between it and WET TENNIS‘ lead number, “Original Sin,” is sharp. Whereas “Original Sin” provided a tonally breezy (and a similarly motif-guided) peek at what was to come, “Forgive Me” blisteringly stares down the motif of forgiveness, not once breaking its gaze.

There’s a raw ache to “Forgive Me” that permeates the song from start to finish. Altogether, its unabashedly candid, such that it teeters on being uncomfortably upfront. And, swathed in strings arranged by Orhan that derive from traditional Turkish music, it’s damn sexy at the same time—in signature Sofi Tukker fashion.

The single, Sofi Tukker say, “is about forgiving yourself for the worst thing you’ve ever done, and forgiving another for the harm they caused you, which is the ultimate surrender. It’s about loving someone so much that you will let them hate you if that’s what they need to do to move on, and hoping that one day, the person will come to forgiveness on their own.”

“Forgive Me” arrives in tandem with a visual shot at Evcik Beach and Kilyos Beach in Istanbul, directed by Hakan Can. The audiovisual experience, available to view below, is flanked by Sofi Tukker’s announcement of a new batch of European, Western Asia, and Australian tour dates. The newly stocked content is sufficient to keep listeners engaged until Sofi Tukker return with more in the time leading up to WET TENNIS‘ April 29 release via Ultra/Sony Music.

Featured image: Vanessa Vlandis

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