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‘This is Jersey’—4B revives ‘Jersey Club Power Set’ series with first installment in six years

In 2010, 4B began translating his venue-bouncing brand of sound to his “Jersey Club Power Set” series. From 2010 to 2016, he put out five iterations, the last of which was hosted on “Diplo & Friends,” which aired its final installment on September 4, 2021. Although the “Pop That” producer put the “Jersey Club Power Set” series on pause nearly six years prior, he’s now pressing “play”—just in time for festival season.

“These ‘Jersey Club Power Sets’ are really special to me, the 29-year-old DJ/producer said. “I’ve been doing this mix series for 11 years now [and] I still get tagged in people[’s posts of them] playing the first one.”

Brimming with buoyant transitions, “Power Set 6” is 4B’s first activity of the 2022 calendar year, and though he’s yet to break his silence on the original productions end, the mix makes plenty of noise. “Power Set 6” precedes a slew of upcoming show dates that will see 4B tend the decks at a diverse set of locations, ranging from Las Vegas to Toronto. Tickets can be purchased on 4B’s website.

4B’s Upcoming Tour Dates:
March 4 – Hakkasan – Las Vegas, NV
March 5 – Pure Nightclub – Sunnyvale, CA
March 24 – 4B & Friends – Le Rouge – Miami
March 25 – Beyond Wonderland – San Bernadino, CA
March 26 – Ultra – Miami, FL
April 9 – Green Door – El Paso, TX

May 21 – EDC Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV

May 28 – Marquee, New York, New York, NY

Jun 10 – Da Playground Maui, Wailuku, HI

Jun 11 – The Republik, Honolulu, HI

Jul 29 – Veld Music Festival, Toronto, ON
Aug 5 – Stereo Live Dallas, Dallas, TX

Aug 6 – Stereo Live Houston, Houston, TX

Featured image: Jordan Billings

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