BBC Radio 1 veteran Tim Westwood accused of multiple sexual assaultsTim Westwood

BBC Radio 1 veteran Tim Westwood accused of multiple sexual assaults

BBC Radio 1 veteran selector Tim Westwood has reportedly been accused of multiple sexual assault charges, said to have occurred all the way from 1992 to 2017. Published in a joint investigation by The Guardian and the BBC, multiple women open up about opportunistic and predatory sexual behavior made by Westwood. Westwood has denied all accusations and his spokesperson has retracted all claims to the media as well. The women who have come forward claim that Westwood used his industry power to take advantage of them, many of these accusers in their 20’s at the time of the assault.

Westwood, 64, started the UK’s first regular hip-hop radio show in 1994 and was seen as an inspiration to the genre’s fans across the globe. Westwood was also respected throughout the industry; an esteem and influence he wielded to manipulate women, according to his accusers.

“He could make or break your career,” says one of the alleged victims. “If you wanted to get any kind of exposure, you would try to get your demo to him and pray that he would play it. He had absolute power.”

Westwood was previously recognized as the Best UK Radio DJ three times between 2000 and 2005, and left BBC in 2013, after nearly two decades.


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