Formula 1’s 2023 return to Las Vegas to feature Insomniac Race Week takeoverMartin Garri F1 1

Formula 1’s 2023 return to Las Vegas to feature Insomniac Race Week takeover

Formula 1 and dance music go together like peanut butter and jelly. Both exist as strong standalone entities with dedicated followings, but when paired, their complementary nature is apparent. Formula 1 (F1), the highest class of international racing, has unveiled plans to race in Las Vegas in 2023, and Insomniac, the biggest dance music promoter in America, will be right there with F1. Shortly after the official announcement from F1, Insomniac posted the official hype video to its social media pages, announcing that it will be “taking over Vegas for Race Week.”

We’ve seen what Insomniac can do over the course of a week in Las Vegas through EDC Week festivities leading up to EDC. We’ve also seen collaborative efforts involving racing and dance music in the United States before in the form of Snake Pit, put on by the Indy 500 during the race itself. 2021 alone also saw Martin Garrix, Kygo, and Axwell perform at post-race concerts. Although details surrounding what Insomniac is specifically planning for Race Week remain limited at this time, one thing is certain: the partnership will increasingly cement the crossover between the two synergistic interests.

Featured image: Formula 1/Getty Images

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