G-REX, RAVVA’s sounds collide on collaborative EP, ‘Everyday’Gre Bones Mohr 2

G-REX, RAVVA’s sounds collide on collaborative EP, ‘Everyday’

G-REX and RAVVA have taken their first-ever collaborative EP, Everyday, to Waakan. The three-tracker makes a splash on the lauded imprint, meticulously integrating their signature sounds through face-melting bass and alternating tempos.

Everyday is G-Rex’s first EP since 2021’s Fusion with Sully and RAVVA’s first EP since 2017’s Tough Love. Although RAVVA, by his own admission, does not collaborate often, once G-REX sent over the initial intro to the EP’s eponymous lead single, he knew he could work his magic on one of its tracks. But as synergistic collaboration would have it, they’d go on to complete two more tracks (“Needa” and “Encore”).

“After a lot of different ideas we bounced back and forth and worked, these were the three that really stuck with us and came together the best,” G-REX said of the trio. “‘Needa’ was the first track we finished, then ‘Encore’, and last was ‘Everyday,’ which we ended up deciding on as the lead single and EP title.”

The end result is Everyday, a formidable addition to digital streaming platforms that can be experienced in all of its low-end glory below.

Featured image: Bones Mohr

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