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Hear Flynninho fashion ‘Sicario Mode,’ using just two film trailers

Following label founder Thomas Xavier’s February 12 declaration that Pharaoh Phonix was officially open for business, the burgeoning imprint has continued to shape its sound through original releases, the most recent of which comes from Chicagoan producer Flynninho. His submission, “Sicario Mode,” is high-impact; from its throttling technics to its adrenaline-spiking integration of samples from two trailers from the 2015 film Sicario, it’s clear that the single is well-suited as a set opener. The blaring number bespeaks a different and interesting creative approach. It’s not common to come across a one-off made up entirely of sounds cut from film trailers, but it’s a creative choice that pays dividends for Flynninho, who stitches them together in a strategic and dexterous fashion. In the context of Pharaoh Phonix, “Sicario Mode” emerges as one of the label’s heavier outputs; to date, Xavier’s imprint has largely favored wonky house stylings. Flynninho’s contribution is therefore fresh and, importantly, reminds listeners that Xavier’s always got a few surprises up his sleeve.

“Sicario Mode” is Flynninho’s first single of 2022. In 2021, the former pro soccer player dispensed seven original productions largely anchored in the house domain. Owed to his penchant for two very different genres—rock and house—Flynninho is increasingly orchestrating their collision—and evincing his ingenuity along the way.

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