Madeon uploads 4K recording of ‘Hypermania’ from Good Faith Forever setFNwZkP9WYAcvKRn

Madeon uploads 4K recording of ‘Hypermania’ from Good Faith Forever set

When Madeon tweeted that he was staying up late to work on uploading a “surprise,” everyone dropped whatever they were doing to attempt to figure out what that meant. And in between his first time at Bayfront Park since 2013 and his incoming Coachella billing on both April 15 and April 22, the Good Faith Forever creator decided to share a four-and-a-half minute recording of “Hypermania” from his tour stop at Denver’s Mission Ballroom on March 18.

“Hypermania” is described by Madeon himself as the fittingly named “extended live version of his Good Faith track, “Mania.” While we potentially wait for the complete upload of his masterpiece of an Ultra set, Madeon teamed up alongside Butter Creations for the mesmerizing recording in 4K that flawlessly captures the Good Faith Forever production that has continuously solidified it one of dance music’s must-see live sets this past year.

Featured image: Jasmine Safaeian

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