Racing lifestyle, reimagined: Red Bull Guest House goes south for first-ever Miami Grand PrixGettyImages 1239327562

Racing lifestyle, reimagined: Red Bull Guest House goes south for first-ever Miami Grand Prix

Racing lifestyle, reimagined: Red Bull Guest House goes south for first-ever Miami Grand PrixProgram Schedule 1

Red Bull will focalize the past, present, and future of racing lifestyle and its relation to electronic dance music against the backdrop of the first-ever Miami Grand Prix—the newest addition to the global Grand Prix calendar. A three-day concept-driven experience, Red Bull Guest House will take cues from the sports golden era (1960’s and 1970’s) to translate the verve of racing’s heyday to a contemporary context with modern electronic influence. The highly stylized, carefully curated celebration of racing culture and its dirt maestros will run from May 6 – 8 at Miami Beach’s famed Faena hotel. The award-winning luxury hotel, lauded for its Art Deco accents, recalls the glitz and the glamour of racing circa 1960-1970, providing a complementary setting for Red Bull Guest House. And, in homage to racing and electronic’s intersection, the motors of the cars won’t be the sole sourcing of rumbling during the weekend. Each evening of the Red Bull Guest House experience will feature music curated by Tigre Sounds, Teksupport, and Insomniac and Club Space:

  • Night One: Tigre Sounds Presents Raíces
    • Featuring: Brenda Navarrete, DJ Nickodemus, Gabriele Poso, Sinego (live), Richie Hell (live), Miluhska (live), Roujeee Tunes, Maure
  • Night Two: Teksupport Presents Autopista
    • Featuring: American Dance Ghosts, Arca (DJ set), Carlita & Friends, DJ Tennis b2b TBA, Eli Escobar, Physical Therapy
  • Night Three: Insomniac x Club Space Present: “You Should Be Dancing”
    • Featuring: Adam Auburn, Bedouin, Channel Tres, Heidi Lawden, Hint of Lavender, Horse Meat Disco, Ms. Mada b2b Layla Benitez, and Soul Clap

On Red Bull Guest House’s opening night, Tigre Sounds will embody Miami’s Latin heritage in Raíces, a dynamic embrace of Latin, World, and electronic fusion sounds accompanied by art installations from Orly Anan. Teksupport caters to the contemporary on night two, while Insomniac and Club Space craft a futuristic and immersive disco trip on the final evening of Guest House. Altogether, the three-night stretch tips its hat to the genres and styles popularized during racing’s cultural peak, with an ear nevertheless trained on the current and future directions of these sounds.

Red Bull Guest House admission will be limited to an intimate list of industry leaders, artists, athletes, culture shapers, and race fans alike. Although tickets are not available to the general public, racing and electronic enthusiasts can get a glimpse of the Guest House action all weekend long by following the Red Bull USA’s Instagram activity, as well as #RedBullGuestHouse hashtag on social media. Dancing Astronaut will be live on location throughout the weekend.

Featured image: Mazen Mahdi

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