Sultan + Shepard, Jerro meet on This Never Happened for sublime ‘Spring 2022 Mixtape’ ID, ‘Trois’Screen Shot 2022 04 13 At 12.13.09 AM

Sultan + Shepard, Jerro meet on This Never Happened for sublime ‘Spring 2022 Mixtape’ ID, ‘Trois’

Sultan + Shepard and Jerro together on This Never Happened seemed like a pairing that was only a matter of time. After the former delivered Something, Everything—their contribution to Dancing Astronaut‘s top albums of 2021—and the latter turned in Coming Home later the same year, they’ve united under a shared trait as two select names to push albums through Lane 8‘s imprint, formally crossing paths on “Trois.”

“Trois” was without question an ID that everyone had their eye on from Lane 8’s “Spring 2022 Mixtape,” now receiving a formal name to swap out the “ID 14” placeholder it carried through the start of April. A staple on Jerro’s debut album tour earlier in 2022, “Trois” is a This Never Happened dream pairing brought to life as both Sultan + Shepard and Jerro respectively plant traces of their own melodic house dealings while gracefully melding them together. Both “Trois” creators explained how their hopefully first of many collaborations came together after meeting in the Big Apple in 2021, explaining

“Jerro has become like our little brother- he’s such a positive, talented, and energetic human being. We love hanging with him, drinking with him, eating nice dinners with him, showing him how to use chopsticks, and of course making music. This one came together so naturally in our studio in LA a few months back over a couple of lovely afternoons.” – Sultan + Shepard

“Ever since I got introduced to electronic music, Sultan + Shepard have always been producers I looked up too. I remember feeling nervous meeting them for the first time last year in New York, but I couldn’t be more grateful to have met such awesome guys!! We always have so much fun hanging out with each other and I feel honored that they became such good friends. Being in the studio with them was an unreal experience and I couldn’t be more happy with the track that came out of it!!” – Jerro

Featured image: Sultan + Shepard, Jerro/Instagram

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