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Nurko, ARMNHMR, and Micah Martin pair melodic bass and pop-punk on awaited ID, ‘Won’t Make A Sound’

In early May, Nurko prefaced the month by saying that he’d be following his Arrival EP with not one but two releases, with one of them being “a song that a lot of you have been asking about.” As most minds immediately began to scan through the record of locked-away Nurko IDs, one that stood out was his unreleased meeting with ARMNHMR and Micah Martin that dates back exactly two years to ARMNHMR’s virtual EDC Las Vegas set. And “Won’t Make a Sound” couldn’t have come at a more opportune time, with the three making a trip to Monstercat for its long-awaited release.

Originally conceived during pre-pandemic times, “Won’t Make A Sound” still sounds just as fresh as it did when ARMNHMR introduced it within Insomniac’s Los Angeles headquarters. Combining the divergent lanes of melodic bass from our Artiststo Watch in 2021 and ARMNHMR with Martin’s openhearted flair of pop-punk, “Won’t Make A Sound” is anything but hushed and carefully draws an emotion-drenched narrative that they set out to create. Both producers dove deeper into the creative meaning behind the Monstercat single, explaining,

“Micah uses his songwriting to express the hardships of love, and we kept the story going through the instrumentation, mixing a melancholy feel with anger in the drops.” – Nurko

‘Won’t Make A Sound’ is a song about sudden loss and change. It’s about the picture we paint of someone special, only to realize they never framed us in the same light. People come and go in our lives, but this song in particular deals with the people who felt they’ve “grown” past you — especially if you no longer benefit them. It’s about wrestling with your own worth, even when others can’t see it themselves.” – ARMNHMR

Featured image: Bobby Bengal

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