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Rich Furniss, Morsy merge different eras of house on ‘On The Moon EP’

Inspiration in the Lower East Side of Manhattan put Rich Furniss and Morsy On The Moon—figuratively, at least. The house heater and its deft balance of old- and new-school elements of the genre has roots in the summer 2021 season, when New York native Rich Furniss found himself standing atop Mr. Purple’s roof, doling out beats poolside as a crowd danced in a carefree fashion that had its own type of special novelty, given the time, “the visibility of the evening mainly coming from the moonlight,” he says.

Nearly one year later, the experience has translated to influence, and influence, to Furniss and Morsy’s On The Moon EP. The parcel, comprising an original and a radio mix of “Moonlight,” is Furniss and Morsy’s first collaborative outing and, considering that the pair has been friends for more than a decade, their creative collision is of an expected and even destined character. And it shows. In a sophisticated house framework that doesn’t skew too much in one stylistic direction, Furniss or Morsy, the producers fashion a candidate for heavy rotation that’s well-suited for a secondary meeting on the dance floor at Mr. Purple, or anywhere, for that matter. Stream their On The Moon EP below.

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