Herbert Hernandez’s triple-threat performer status, and where he is now2 3

Herbert Hernandez’s triple-threat performer status, and where he is now

In the early 2000s, alternative rock/pop band 6cyclemind rose to prominence in the Philippines, enjoying almost immediate success. After almost a decade of recording and touring, the band went through some changes to their lineup, and already-established lead guitarist Herbert Hernandez came on board. He had previously founded Moonstar88, which he continues to tour with as lead guitarist and songwriter. Performing with two mainstream bands is enough to keep anyone busy, but Hernandez takes the responsibility in stride; in fact, being a rock star isn’t even his full-time job. In addition to his duties with both of his bands, Hernandez co-founded the internationally acclaimed independent advertising agency GIGIL, with his partner Badong Abesamis.

Many of his nights might be spent traveling and performing music, but Hernandez’s days are full of meetings, alignments, and presentations with local and international advertising clients. He is as talented in the visual arts as he is musically, and with so many natural abilities, his days are filled as he pursues all of the ventures that excite and inspire him.

In a typical day, Hernandez starts with a prayer, followed by a lot of coffee. He spends the 9-6 hours at GIGIL, either on the phone or with clients, breaking for lunch with his family. He and his wife have been married for 15 years and have three children together, and Hernandez ensures that quality time together is prioritized each day. When work allows for it, his children are invited to the office to see what their father does when they’re apart. After his day job comes dinner with family, and oftentimes a gig with either 6cyclemind or Moonstar88. Hernandez works to end every day playing Mobile Legends with his wife. He also strives for one date night each week, one family day each week, and one international family vacation every year. There are also lots of family bike rides and an emphasis on maintaining their health.

Herbert Hernandez’s life also includes quite a bit of travel. If you’re wondering what has to give, it’s usually his sleep; there are many nights that he gets no more than four hours. But with two careers that he loves, Hernandez is happy to make the sacrifice. The feedback that he gets from fans and clients gives him the positive reinforcement that he needs to keep going.

Along with his multi-faceted career in advertising and music, Hernandez has taken it upon himself to create solutions and opportunities for colleagues in his industries. As a third venture, he founded The Indierectory in 2018, a company founded to provide a platform for advertising independents and freelancers to showcase their work directly to hiring agencies and companies. Hernandez is passionate about connecting Filipino independent talents with paid gigs, hoping to eventually do so on a global level.

In 2010, Hernandez also started Lakihan mo Logo (“Make the Logo Bigger”), which he describes as “a commercial break for people making commercials.” Lakihan mo Logo is a concert series featuring bands made up of Manila-based ad agency talent, with the simple objective of giving ad people an outlet for their stress. Hernandez himself almost gave up his music career as he climbed the corporate advertising ladder. He now provides the same creative outlet to his entire industry. Since its founding, Lakihan mo Logo has performed 58 concerts, and some of the participants have been signed as recording artists. Hernandez also put together 12 “Rockovery” concerts to raise money for seriously ill members of the advertising industry.

Now 40, Herbert Hernandez hopes to retire in the next 15 years. Having been described as “tireless,” “always switched on,” and “committed to doing great work,” it will be more surprising to see Hernandez retire than it is to see him juggle his many responsibilities and roles. As an expert in time management and prioritization, followers can expect more impressive ad campaigns and more incredible music from this multi-talented artist. Whether you know Herbert Hernandez as the guitarist for 6cyclemind, the guitarist for Moonstar88, or the co-founder of GIGIL, know that he dedicates time each day to being the best that he can be in whichever role you know him in.