Will Sparks opens his dream vault with dominating new singleWill Sparks Dreaming Press Image Dancing Astronaut

Will Sparks opens his dream vault with dominating new single

“One night I was dreaming that I was dancing, so I woke up and made this” – Will Sparks

Production powerhouse Will Sparks has done it again, this time opening the window into his sonic dreamscape with his latest single. Titled “Dreaming,” the new release is a true tour de force, filling its wide aural space with dominating kicks and percolating acid synths. Between Sparks’ refusal to be tied to a single genre and his innovative use of nuanced yet powerful sounds, the Australian producer continues to push dance music into exciting new territory.

The bold approach of Will Sparks in “Dreaming’ is nothing new, with the February release of “LSD” seeming to the agenda for the Australian producer’s nu-rave sound. “Dreaming” builds on that, making it clear that Sparks finds his inspiration from within, rather than the electronic music scene around him.

Sure to transport listeners to a new realm of rave bliss, Will Sparks’ “Dreaming” is out now on streaming services everywhere. Listen to the full track below.

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