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Yamato should be on your radar, and his ‘Essentials EP’ shows you why

Led by “Essential” featuring Mike Macdermid, Yamato’s four-song Essentials EP surfaces as the Japanese DJ/producer’s first production of 2022. And already, the project is making a splash; its second tracklisting, “Reflection” featuring Poe Leos, has received strong support from Spotify, enjoying placement on five of the streaming platform’s sought-after playlists, “New Music Friday,” “Tokyo Club Beat,” “mint Japan,” “Next Up,” and “J-Pop.”

The effort is rife with interesting sound design, synchronous topline usage, and dance-worthy beatwork; “YOU” is perhaps the EP’s most illustriously shining example of the latter quality.

“The Essential EP was created with the hope that the world will return to a place where everyone can dance together again, and that it will become an ‘essential’ for everyone,” Yamato said.

Yamato is noteworthy for winning the Japan division of the “burn WORLD DJ CONTEST 2013” and competing at “burn Studios Residency” in Ibiza as a regional finalist of Japan, where Avicii also performed, approached Yamato, and asked him to play at his show in Budapest, Hungary. This stint led to ensuing high-profile appearances for Yamato, including a performance in support of Madeon in 2013 and a set at “Road To Ultra Japan” that same December.

Outside of the live circuit, Yamato has worked for Pioneer as a technical developer of their CDJ series; this technical know-how has evidently culminated in an inimitable, idiosyncratic, and often, main stage-positioned style that is building rapport with global audiences, including listeners in the United States. The Essential EP offers a compelling look at Yamato’s creative capacities for streamers who’ve not yet met his dynamic brand of sound.

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