Alesso, Deniz Koyu cement first original tie-up on awaited Together Again ID, ‘In My Feelings’Screen Shot 2022 06 23 At 7.49.46 PM

Alesso, Deniz Koyu cement first original tie-up on awaited Together Again ID, ‘In My Feelings’

There expectedly weren’t too many fresh Alesso sets floating around between 2020 and 2021, and about nine months following his all-time round at Ultra Taiwan, Alesso provided a new one when he took to downtown Los Angeles for Together Again. And during his back-to-back show stint, Alesso came ready with a handful of new music in the wake of PROGRESSO VOL. 2, debuting a trio of IDs across both evenings, including “Rave All Night” as well as a pair of IDs alongside Deniz Koyu. With the one-year anniversary of Together Again somehow nearing, Alesso has officially set one of those two pairings free, converting the fan-dubbed track formerly known as “Make It Real” into “In My Feelings.”

“In My Feelings”—of course—isn’t Alesso and Koyu’s first meeting, but it is their first time standing together in the artist column. The duo have crossed release paths twice before, delivering co-remixes for two Alesso originals—”I Wanna Know” and “TIME—and also trading remixes with each other, and it was long overdue that they drew up a proper original. Having undergone a slight update since its Together Again revelation back in July of 2021, “In My Feelings” quickly wipes away any doubt that the house synergy between Alesso and Koyu was only palpable through their string of shared reworks. While we’ll just have to wait and see what course of action their other Together Again ID—which Alesso had brought back at Brooklyn Mirage—takes, stream their first formal tie-up “In My Feelings” below.

Featured image: Eddie Diaz

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