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Contextualizing the comeback: 10 takeaways from Stööki Sound’s Reddit AMA

In 2019, Stööki Sound announced their abrupt retirement from the music scene.

Formed in 2011, the duo helped define and advance trap in dance/electronic contexts. For more than seven years, Stööki Sound’s DJ Lukey and Jelacee turned in tracks that remain some of the genre’s most iconic; “Ball So Hard” with Hucci is but one example.

Now, Stööki Sound is back, and the “Stööki Movement,” as they called it in an exclusive interview with Dancing Astronaut, is mobile once more. In a Reddit AMA, Stööki Sound discussed their return to the trap landscape. Below are 10 key takeaways from the Q&A session and their comeback single, “Lost.”

They decided to release music because “the world just needed banging trap again.”

Their producer tag was a thing of serendipity.

When asked if they would return to touring and playing live shows, their answer was resolute:

Unsurprisingly, the COVID-19 pandemic afforded the time necessary to reflect and refocus the artist project.

DJ Lukey’s favorite track of their own is 2015’s “W2L (Welcome To London)” with TroyBoi. Jelacee’s is 2016’s “Endz.”

Listeners can expect their sound to remain familiar, but it’ll also evolve and mature.

Currently, their favorite VSTs include Omnisphere and Kontakt.

They started a label imprint and are putting the pieces in place to begin mentoring up-and-coming artists.

Their “greatest creative achievement to date” is playing some of their favorite festivals—but they’re ready to supplant this with achievements to come.

Their favorite trap artists at present include Dancing Astronaut Artist to Watch in 2021 ISOxo and Dabow.

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