Exclusive: Carl Cox contextualizes his return to Electric Zoo, 11 years later [Q&A]311734 10150343270348025 1200647395 N

Exclusive: Carl Cox contextualizes his return to Electric Zoo, 11 years later [Q&A]

On September 4, Carl Cox will step foot on Randall’s Island for the first time in 11 years. His return to Electric Zoo, recently acquired by Avant Gardner, casts him not only as one of the event’s headliners, but also as a curator. And on the New York festival’s final day of operation, Cox and his worldly ear for underground sound will power Carl Cox Invites, a stage takeover that will feature Andrea Oliva back-to-back Ilario Alicante, Charles Meyer, Chelina Manuhutu, DJ Holographic, Loco Dice, and of course, a set from the White Island favorite himself.

Cox discussed the international character of the Invites lineup, his sentiments about returning to Electric Zoo after more than a decade, and what attendees can expect in an exclusive Q&A with Dancing Astronaut. Read the feature below, and purchase tickets to the 2022 installment here.

Exclusive: Carl Cox contextualizes his return to Electric Zoo, 11 years later [Q&A]EZOO CC

How did you curate the Invites lineup?

Carl Cox: I have been curating lineups for many years now, and for Ezoo, I wanted to have a very special lineup all about the music that each DJ artist represents. I know that this will be an amazing time for all who see and hear us play, which the party people in New York City will appreciate.”

What makes you excited to return to EZoo 11 years later?

Carl Cox: “I cannot believe, its been 11 years since i was last there for EZoo, wow! It’s mind-blowing right? I have great memories of being there the last time, and remembering how amazing the crowd was towards my music, even then.”

What is different about this stage takeover in comparison to those that you’ve curated at Ultra, Tomorrowland, Ibiza, Electric Forest, etc.?

Carl Cox: “I think what will make this stage so amazing is that all the artists are coming from different parts of the world and bring the vibe and the passion for playing music as a collective.”

What do you find compelling about Andrea Olivia and Ilario Alicante’s back-to-back?

Carl Cox: “I cannot wait to see these guys go at it for maximum dance floor impact; they will have so much fun working with the crowd playing a lot of their own music edit and original tracks. They are going to light it up!”

Can fans expect to hear songs from your upcoming album in your set?

Carl Cox: “100% yes on the crowd listening and dancing to my new music from my album; I have been [previewing it] over the months. I road tested a few from the album to see the reactions, so they have been dancing to my music without even knowing it was me.”

Do you take a different approach to performing a festival set as opposed to a set at DC-10 in Ibiza, for instance?

Carl Cox: “No not really, people are people, festival setting or not. I feel the spirit and the vibe as soon as I walk on stage and see the people; I know what to do. Most of the time, I just have fun.”

Loco Dice has played with you and at your parties in the past. What makes his sound so complementary to this stage?

Carl Cox: “Loco Dice is always evolving with his sound of music; you cannot put him in a musical box at all, he really does push the boundaries, which makes me excited to hear what he will pull of of the bag next.”

What can attendees unfamiliar with DJ Holographic expect from her set?

Carl Cox: “DJ Holographic has so much house music soul and true techno favor in the music that she plays. It draws you in the longer that she plays and it really does come from the depths of her heart, you can feel it so much. This will be the first time I will get the chance to see her live, and I, for one, cannot wait.”

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