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Gorgon City venture into the underground on ‘Foggy Geezer’

Known mostly for their vocal and lyric-heavy house tunes, Gorgon City dive into the underground for a deep-house smacker with surprisingly no lyrics, “Foggy Geezer.” Delivered as the first release from a forthcoming Ibiza-inspired compilation on Realm Records, the single is the English duo’s first release since a June remix of Mephisto’s “State of Mind.”

Although “Foggy Geezer” may lack vocals, the new one-off certainly has enough exciting moments for sweaty 4:00 a.m. club nights. A consistent four-on-the-floor drum sequence provides a steady introduction before a tantalizing, room-filling synth joins the abrupt break in the music. Stream just what might be Gorgon City’s deepest track to date below.

Featured image: Eric Cunningham

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