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Lane 8 green lights proper release of ‘Anjunadeep 13’ cut with Rae Morris, ‘No Fun’

Lane 8 had taken a well-deserved release pause after Reviver touched down in January, but he’s officially back with his first post-album release. While the days until his “Summer 2022 Mixtape” lands are undoubtedly numbered, the This Never Happened head is jumping over from his own label back to Anjunadeep. After appearing on the Anjunadeep 13 tracklist at the end of March, Lane 8 is now officially giving “No Fun” with Rae Morris is proper release.

“No Fun” follows the same path that “Is This Our Earth?” did following its Anjunadeep 12 unveiling more than a year earlier and also marks Lane 8’s first time on Above & Beyond’s imprint since then. And sonically speaking, it’s wholly contrasting to the style that Lane 8 touched upon through Reviver, with “No Fun” being the opposite of its title with an incredibly refreshing, distinctive vocal from Morris that journeys alongside a late-night avenue of melodic house. Lane 8 knew that while it wasn’t the right fit on the Reviver tracklist, he was still determined to free the fan-favorite Anjunadeep 13 cut one way or another, explaining,

“I’ve been a fan of Rae Morris’ voice since her collaboration with Icarus. She sent this song over to me whilst I was working on ‘Reviver’ and I instantly knew it was something I wanted to work on.
As we went back and forth on the instrumental it became clear that however much we liked the track it wasn’t going to work on my album. Thankfully James and the rest of the Anjunadeep team heard it and wanted to include it on Anjunadeep 13. Happy to finally have this one out there.”

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