Leo Tebele adopts moodier aesthetic on house-focused single, ‘Still Be One’Leo Tebele E1640625098726

Leo Tebele adopts moodier aesthetic on house-focused single, ‘Still Be One’

New York’s Leo Tebele has shaped his sound through a slow by steady trickle of singles since his August 2020 breakout, “Summer Boy.” The open-format DJ put several months in between his career debut and “Feeling Close“; the Layla-assisted original landed in December of 2021, and now, after another some respite from releasing, Tebele has returned with “Still Be One.” The takeaway from the stretches of time that separate one Tebele track from another? That the guitar-trained producer isn’t in a rush to contextualize his sound; rather, he’s allowed it to progress organically, and “Still Be One” with Angelo Diaz finds Tebele tapping into a moodier, more downtempo type of arrangement than that on either of his previous two one-offs. A sonic complement to a bask under the moonlight from the vantage point of one’s balcony, “Still Be One” has an evening personality and a connotative amorphousness.

“The messaging of the song is meant to be open to interpretation of the listener,” Tebele attested. “For me, ‘Still Be One’ is about a person and their significant other experiencing a special kind of love for each other—this love leads the couple to do extraordinary things for each other they wouldn’t necessarily do for other people…whether you’re ‘one’ as an individual or ‘one’ as a unified couple, we will ‘Still Be One’ through the ups and downs of life.”    

Stream Leo Tebele’s third all-time single below.

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