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Meet Mavis, Moog’s affordable, build-it-yourself analog synthesizer

American synthesizer company Moog Music has released a powerfully compact, user-friendly, and affordable piece of semi-modular hardware. Regarded for decades as the pioneering company behind commercial analog synthesizers, Moog is known for product prices that typically don’t dip below $1,000, but the North Carolina company’s newly released Mavis synthesizer sits well below that threshold. The new 24-patch-point device arrives at an economical $349 price point. Featuring Moog’s unmatched oscillator and filter circuitry, Mavis is “ready to be assembled and installed into your Eurorack system.” The 24-point CV-controllable module (44HP) can also be used in any Moog semi-modular system.

While Mavis must be built after purchase, users do not need soldering experience to assemble the unit’s all-inclusive components. Tying Mavis to Moog’s cultural legacy, the company, founded in 1953 explains, “The connection made with an instrument while building it is something inherent to the nature of all Moog synthesizers, and it has been since the days of the large format modular systems.”

Mavis has something to offer established audio engineers and novices alike. Watch AceMo, Nite Jewel, Arushi Jain, and Silent Servant present demos of Moog’s latest product below.

Featured image: Moog Music

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