Yotto initiates rollout of forthcoming concept album, ‘Erased Dreams,’ with ‘Silhouette’Yotto Motion Bristol Alive

Yotto initiates rollout of forthcoming concept album, ‘Erased Dreams,’ with ‘Silhouette’

“My love for the bass-heavy dance music is endless. But when the festival gates close and the lights go down, there’s a special place for something different…”

Yotto recently shed some light on his next musical undertaking via Instagram, where he announced that his next LP, Erased Dreams, will materialize on July 11 via Anjunadeep‘s ambient sub-label, Reflections. “Erased Dreams is a soundtrack to an imaginary journey from nowhere to nowhere,” the Finnish DJ elaborated. “It might be lullabies for sleeping or background music for an intergalactic spa.”

Yotto released the first single from his upcoming eight-track project on June 13. Featuring Helsinki-based vocalist Sansa, “Silhouette” offers a glimpse into the percussion-free sonic realm of Erased Dreams. While the festival veteran is widely admired for his driving progressive trance music, “Silhouette” serves a different purpose. Through one sustained meditative soundscape, the Sansa-assisted single effectively sets the stage for Yotto’s atmospheric new album. On a more personal note, the producer explained,

“This music probably reflects my personality more than club music does. I’m a bit shy, but I’ve learnt how to fake that I’m not, and this album is very relaxed, quiet, introvert[ed], and ambient. I am very happy to stay in the background and maybe this album does just that. And who knows, there might be club versions too. But for now, there’s not a single drum sound to be heard.”

During the pandemic, Yotto came to notice an ambient synergy among some of his writings. Drawing inspiration from The KLF’s 1990 concept album Chill Out, he began piecing songs together and eventually found himself with a cohesive body of work. As Erased Dreams‘ release date approaches, indulge in Yotto’s ambient alter-ego by streaming “Silhouette” below.

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