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Audien details ethos behind Progressive House Never Died tour ahead of headlining Hollywood Palladium stop [Interview]

Audien began releasing music officially when he was just 18 years old. “November,” released on May 17 2010, was his sonic introduction to the world and while much has changed since, Audien remains as relevant as ever. On July 22, he’ll headline the Hollywood Palladium as part of his Progressive House Never Died tour, for what just might be the biggest show of his career to date. And given that Audien’s career began as dance music’s so-called “golden age” started to glint, its shimmer largely conferred by the progressive house activity at the time, the title of his tour is apt, to say the least. Although this “golden” era of dance music was as rich and diverse as any, the sounds of the progressive house genre stood head and shoulders above all others. It was a genre that defined this time frame, and with his 2022 tour, Audien is out to prove that even with the “golden age” in the rearview, progressive house never died.

When asked where the thematic idea for the tour came from, Audien told Dancing Astronaut that this is something he truly believes, and he wanted to “encapsulate” that feeling:

“I really believe that Progressive House is less of a sound and more of a moment, a movement, if you will. It’s something that brings people together, and that is something that will never die, especially post-pandemic. [It’s important] for people to come together to sing and dance the night away,” he added.

Although progressive house has since fallen out of mainstream radio favor, there is still very much a place for it in the hearts of dance music fans across the globe. It’s peculiar how one genre can resonate so deeply and widely, but progressive house’s unique ability to do just that stems from more than just its “high energy, soulful and happy” nature; its nostalgia factor is a key part of this phenomenon, says Audien.

“[Progressive house] is what a lot of people first heard as dance music. It reminds a lot of people of why they first fell in love with dance music and what sucked them into this world.”

Following that logic, Audien’s Progressive House Never Died tour will serve as a live, large-scale, reminder of the early magic that dance music held for all in attendance. Altogether, each stop promises “some old Audien songs, some new Audien songs, and a plethora of special guests, secret guests, old friends and new, as well as some legends of dance music.” Axwell‘s remix of “In My Mind” by Ivan Gough, Feenixpawl, and Georgi Kay—which Audien calls “probably his all-time favorite progressive house song” and “an incredible anthem for progressive house”—can be expected to surface on the shows’ set lists.

His date with the Hollywood Palladium on July 22 will be the fourth of the tour thus far and, as to be expected, “the crowd reactions have been incredible.” At each of the three preceding stops, people have “sung along to every song,” a response that’s heartened Audien, who adds that he “loves to see so many people just genuinely smiling in the crowd.”

His headlining show at famed Los Angeles venue is the focal point of the ongoing 12-stop tour, which features lineups curated by city. It’s “a dream come true” for Audien, who considers it “heart warming [to] see that many people are coming together to listen to progressive house and experience such a special night together.” The landmark event will not only feature “a huge secret guest”—now revealed to be his best friend, 3LAU—but also “some fantastic cameos and guest appearances, as well as an incredible lineup from dance music legends with some incredible back-to-backs.”

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Not only has Audien long been a fan of progressive house and its live merits, but he’s also one of the genre’s premier, time-honored talents. For examples, look no further than 2012’s “These Are the Days,” 2013’s “Circles,” and his numerous collaborations with ARTY.

“I live, breathe, and eat progressive house, and I want to stay true to what I love producing as well as what the fans are excited to hear,” he said on the subject of potentially leaning further into the genre on his upcoming releases. When asked when we can expect new music, his response was simple: “you may hear some new music this Friday at the Palladium!”

Tickets for Audien’s headlining show at the Hollywood Palladium can be purchased here.

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