GAWP’s ode to ‘Lame Friends’ is a candidate for heavy rotationGAWP 10 E1657740941111

GAWP’s ode to ‘Lame Friends’ is a candidate for heavy rotation

The night is young, and by young, we mean it’s 3:00 a.m. local time. The club is sweltering, the DJ deep in a queue of peak-time records. You could stay and dance another one, two hours—hell, maybe three—but your friends are tired and one of them is complaining that their feet hurt (you told them those shoes weren’t made for all-night dancing). They want to go home, a decision that begets another: Do you stay, or do you go?
Sound familiar? We thought so, and it just happens to be the fodder for UK producer GAWP’s latest record, “Lame Friends.” Written about the comrades who go home from the clubs early, GAWP’s follow-up to May’s “Mesmerised” with Gene Farris marks his debut on Australian imprint HUGS. Working within his underground-fluent wheelhouse on “Lame Friends,” GAWP illustrates why his idiosyncratic style has landed him on esteemed labels like Dirtybird, Night Bass, Toolroom, and Elrow Music that calls out dance floor deserters in a club-minded manner. The ode to “Lame Friends” can be heard in standard and extended form below.

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