John Summit ambiently reframes Kygo’s ‘Freeze’IMG 6787

John Summit ambiently reframes Kygo’s ‘Freeze’

If “Most Sought-After Remixer of 2022” were a title to be won at the end of the year, John Summit would assuredly be in the running. Following Summit-spun spins of Diplo‘s “Don’t Forget My Love” and Kx5‘s “Escape” in April and June, respectively, Dancing Astronaut‘s 2021 Breakout Artist of the Year is again stepping up to the re-imaginative plate and—for the sake of the metaphor—hitting yet another homerun. His third official rework of the year sees him take on an unlikely suspect—Kygo. Through the ebbing take on “Freeze,” Summit rewrites his and Kygo’s association in a melodic manner that underscores the growth and maturity of his own production capacities.

As Summit devotees, members of the “EDM Twitter” community, and those on the ground at Avant Gardner on September 4, 2021 will recall, prior to the “Freeze” conversion, mention of the names John Summit and Kygo in the same sentence was limited to a snafu at the New York venue, where Summit’s set was unexpectedly cut short and superseded by a Kygo remix. Though the how and why of the event remains a mystery, the surprise finale to Summit’s set at Avant Gardner has gone down as a comical, innocuous moment in 2022 dance/electronic music culture. And if history were to repeat itself, maybe, this second time around, that interrupting “Kygo remix” would be Summit’s own. Stream his compelling conversion of “Freeze” below.

Featured image: Tyler Rittenhouse

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