Martin Garrix, DallasK, and Sasha Sloan are stuck in a ‘Loop’ on long-awaited Ultra IDScreen Shot 2022 07 14 At 9.03.54 PM

Martin Garrix, DallasK, and Sasha Sloan are stuck in a ‘Loop’ on long-awaited Ultra ID

It’s like I’m stuck in a loop.

Out of the 12 IDs that Martin Garrix brought along with him to Bayfront Park in March, 11 of those reached the Sentio finish line. Every Monday, Garrix fans sat on the edge of their seat awaiting STMPD RCRDS‘ Instantly post that would tell them which IDs would be converted into album cuts on the following Tuesday and Friday. And “Loop” came out the other side of April untouched, remaining the sole unreleased gem from Garrix’s all-time set in downtown Miami. But there was obviously a deeper meaning behind Garrix, DallasK, and Sasha Sloan‘s decision to mark it for a post-Sentio delivery. And they played it flawlessly considering they knew there’d be an immediate skyrocket in demand for it after Sentio while already having it set up for a mid-summer arrival.

We can all agree that “Loop” deserved a standalone release. And that’s not to say any of the other Sentio tracks couldn’t have held their own, but “Loop” was already somewhat of a stylistic outcast when it was held it up to the rest of the album. Introduced as his second-to-last Ultra ID—just before “If We’ll Ever Be Remembered” with Shaun Farrugia—”Loop” carries out a double reunion for Garrix, with one being with Sasha Sloan after “Love Runs Out” and the other being with DallasK after he reworked “In the Name Of Love” back in 2016. And while “Loop” didn’t necessarily fit in with the rest of Sentio, it squarely had the most widespread appeal by a long shot, with Garrix and DallasK framing Sloan’s pitched-down, hypnotic acapella with a smooth blend of deeper-leaning house that will have it circling everyone’s minds just like its name says.

For those that have been hopelessly trying to decipher the second logo on the “Loop” artwork, the single comes as a joint release with both STMPD RCRDS and Astralwerks, where DallasK is signed to. Stream it below before even more new Garrix music makes its debut when he shuts down Tomorrowland’s first weekend on July 17.

Featured image: Louis van Baar

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