Planet Zuzy compellingly recasts MIKA’s ‘Relax, Take It Easy’Dabrowska Zuzy Magic Gardens Festival E1657816763281

Planet Zuzy compellingly recasts MIKA’s ‘Relax, Take It Easy’

Polish DJ/producer Planet Zuzy applies her re-imaginative touch to MIKA’s 2007 single, “Relax, Take It Easy,” on a vocal-centric, bass-led conversion that goes where the original didn’t: to the club.

The 22-year-old ascendant, New York-based talent set out to mold “Relax, Take It Easy” for this atmosphere, a place where it previously couldn’t live, given its singer-songwriter orientation. “With this remix, I wanted to continuously build in intensity; there’s never a low point where the energy dies down,” Zuzy remarked. These focal points put her in her wheelhouse, a place where she can often be found—in her own words—“pairing bright, dissonant melodies with rich, dark tones.” This technique is not only audible on her take on the MIKA one-off; it also confers an ear-catching character to the spin. Although Zuzy’s sweeping alterations are altogether climactic and impactful, her choice to foreground MIKA’s vocals, texturally juxtaposing their range with the grit of the bassline, is what will send streamers in the direction of the “replay” button.

Stream Planet Zuzy’s entrancing house spin below.

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