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Porter Robinson partners with League Of Legends for Star Guardian anthem, ‘Everything Goes On’

Porter Robinson working alongside Riot Games seemed like a match made in heaven. Riot Games—the company behind the wildly successful video game, League of Legends—has now tapped Robinson’s production skills to be part of League of Legends’ forthcoming Star Guardian event. Titled “Everything Goes On,” the Robinson-created anthem for the event will soundtrack Star Guardian’s return to the gaming community after three years.

“Everything Goes On”—which lands as his first release since Nurture—is Robinson stripped down to his artistic core even further, guided by an absence of expectation from Riot Games that gave Robinson the expressive freedom he was looking for. Robinson explained that his fiancé Rika was actually the reason behind his original League of Legends fandom, adding that he reached out to Riot Games about doing something else, but they came back with the proposition of him doing this sooner. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Robinson dove into the creative process and idea behind “Everything Goes On,” stating,

“One huge difference is that I’m really focused on lyrics in a way that I was not in the past. I used to feel like lyrics were just one of a few pink colors in the arsenal. As time went on, I was understating the ability of raw language to convey meaning and poetry, and move people. I felt like I had more and more than I wanted to say. I definitely had moments with [“Everything Goes On”] where I just kept pushing back and pushing back on when I would submit it, because I kept reworking the lyrics and they kept tweaking them. The song was partially done with me on the guitar, which is just a different workflow for me. I would just try to go over the same lines a thousand times until something came to me that I felt really cut to the core of it. I think when people hear that I spent the majority of the effort on lyrics, they might expect really intricate wordplay, or really complex metaphors. That’s what people imagine when they think of effortful lyrics. But for me, a lot of it is trying to just be as honest as possible, and to put things in simple, everyday language.”

Stream the full version of “Everything Goes On” below as well as the music video with a shortened version.

H/T: Rolling Stone

Featured image: Nancy Danh Huynh

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