Swedish House Mafia, Fred again.. reunite to ‘Turn On The Lights again..’ with FutureFZhFGMEAA7O3K

Swedish House Mafia, Fred again.. reunite to ‘Turn On The Lights again..’ with Future

Happy first day of the Paradise Again tour.

And there’s no better way to ring in the beginning of Swedish House Mafia‘s album live run than with their first post-Paradise Again original. The trio crossed paths with one of Dancing Astronaut‘s Artists to Watch in 2022 during their album’s creation process, meeting Fred again.. and working on a total of six tracks together according to Sebastian Ingrosso when speaking with Zane Lowe. We’d already known one of those tracks to be “Calling On”—where Fred again.. appears in the production credits—and Ingrosso had teased that the next one would be a proper collaborative effort. That now arrives in the form of “Turn On The Lights again..” with Future.

And while many might’ve originally learned about the single through Fred again..’s TikTok, it actually dates back to the end of 2021 when he included a bootleg of Future’s 2012 original in a New Year’s Eve mix he did for Apple Music. That incomplete version eventually popped up during an unplanned studio session in Sweden between Fred again… and Swedish House Mafia, with the latter loving it so much that they decided it deserved to be a full-fledged production. Pulling the acapella from Future’s Pluto classic, “Turn On The Lights again..” caught fire on TikTok for a reason beyond just the recognizable vocal, with the near five-minute track meshing palpable production touches from two artists that most could’ve never predicted working side-by-side. And this won’t be the last we see of Swedish House Mafia and Fred again.. on the same title considering the latter’s Actual Life 3 is en route and a teaser for the album is all but confirmed to be featuring a third meeting between the two.

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