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Yotto dispenses first ambient album, ‘Erased Dreams,’ via Reflections

Highlighting his ever-evolving versatility, Yotto has delivered his eight-track ambient project on Anjuna‘s newly established Reflections imprint. Preceded by a pair of singles, Erased Dreams sees Yotto simultaneously experiment in territories previously uncharted in the context of his catalog as it answers his 2021 EP, Songs You Might Remember from Some Parties.

Although Yotto is revered for his progressive sound, he decided to try something different; the result is a project that is both cerebral and personal. Yotto’s ambient work captures the atmospheric and hypnotic nature that’s ingrained in his club productions, but applies a sense of introspection that dance music often struggles to find at times through tracks like “Lone Machine,” “Seat 11,” “Shadow Cycle,” and more. Yotto explained he decision to create Erased Dreams and the message behind it, stating,

“Most of my career so far has been defined by a certain sound so releasing music that is not made for the dancefloor is both scary and liberating. When I’m working on club music I sort of know what a record is supposed to sound like, what works and what does not. With beatless, ambient music I have no idea so the creative process is more genuine and intuitive. I honestly have no clue if the music is any good, which is kind of exciting too. I like it, but don’t know if anyone else does! I do hope that you enjoy it and it provides you with a moment of peace and reflection in a world that keeps moving with an accelerating pace every day.”

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