Blanke turns in sophomore drum ‘n’ bass EP on Deadbeats, ‘ÆON:TWO’Dead Rocks 2022 Day 2 86 1

Blanke turns in sophomore drum ‘n’ bass EP on Deadbeats, ‘ÆON:TWO’

Just shy of a full calendar turn ago, we learned about Blanke‘s blueprint to dig further into his love for the genre that introduced him to electronic music. And ÆON’s birth stemmed from Blanke’s live wing of the larger drum ‘n’ bass project—better known as AEON:MODE, which he had tested out in Australia at the beginning of early 2021—before delivering his first ÆON release as the summer of 2021 came to a close. “Breathe” proved to only the tipping point to what Blanke set out to do with the Deadbeats-hosted concept, and after taking ÆON on the road for stops at both Red Rocks and Avant Gardner in July, he has now followed through on unloading the second of two planned EPs under the project’s umbrella this year.

With ÆON:ONE having been fully digested after a handful of weeks and “Colors” with Gryffin and Eyelar still fresh off the release stand, Blanke’s ÆON catalog has grown once more with another triple-sided package of releases. Fittingly branded ÆON:TWO, Blanke’s sophomore EP effectively builds directly off the drum ‘n’ bass production breadth that he explored inside and out with the project’s maiden EP. And that’s a description that Blanke has become all too familiar with in terms of listeners describing his music at large. ÆON:TWO taps right into both the militant and melodic edges of the drum ‘n’ bass space, with Blanke turning a trinity of fan-favorite ÆON:MODE IDs into tracks that are now formally known as “Another Planet,” “Surface,” and “Aurora.” Stream Blanke’s full ÆON:TWO EP below.

Featured image: Colin Patrick

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