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Expect the unexpected: Louis The Child take over The Brooklyn Mirage, Avant Gardner with Chet Porter, DROELOE, and more

Ever wondered what a SNBRN hard rock set or a techno appearance from Chet Porter would sound like? Although crossovers of such sweeping character might have only been the stuff of melatonin-induced dreams, thanks to Louis The Child, attendees can expect the unexpected at Alter-Ego, a one-night-only event that invites artists to step outside their comfort zones. On August 20, Louis The Child and friends will shelve their sonic identities at the two-room affair, hosted across The Brooklyn Mirage and Avant Gardner.

“We wanted to create an event where artists are given a platform to express different sides of themselves and fans are given a totally unique experience. It’s a type of show we would love to go to, so why not create it?” said Louis The Child, who, in addition to curating the event, will perform a Playground Set and notably, their first “Throwback Set.”

Alter-Ego will position nine other acts across the New York venue’s stages, including Said The Sky, Shallou, DROELOE, EVAN GIIA, SNBRN, Tech Porter (Chet Porter), Taska Black, Pluko, and Win & Woo.

“I chose techno because i knew ‘Chet’ could rearrange to ‘tech,’ and I also just thought it would be funny,” Chet Porter commented on his choice to go techno. “I ended up making a majority of the music for the set myself, sort of as a personal challenge, but also because I had all of these ideas of what it should be like, and the easiest way to execute it was to just make them myself instead of trying to find songs with the moments I envisioned. The set ended up being a lot more melodic than I initially planned; it’s a nice mix of techno and progressive house-inspired stuff. I think it still very much feels like I made it. Oh, and I did all of the visuals too.”

DROELOE, SNBRN, Taska Black, Pluko, and Win & Woo also contextualized their Alter-Ego aesthetic choices, adding:

DROELOE (Alter-Ego Set: Drum ‘n’ Bass): “When I started producing, it was primarily because I needed beats to rap over, but when I found out about Noisia, I changed my focus more towards electronic music. However, it took some time to become comfortable in producing drum ‘n’ bass myself, because in my mind, it was more something to look up to than something I was able to do myself. How times change; I can’t wait to show you what I found and what I made. Let’s ball.”

SNBRN (Alter-Ego Set: Hard Rock): “Rock music has always had a close spot in my heart. To take the nostalgia of the music I listened to growing up and flip it with a little bit of SNBRN, how could I say no to that? Plus who doesn’t wanna see me in a wig…”

Taska Black (Alter-Ego Set: Hard Rock): “I’m really excited to indulge myself in a different world and put a new spin on what fans are used to hear from me for Alter-Ego; I haven’t been in New York in a while and can’t wait to be back.”

Pluko (Alter-Ego Set: Disco): “I’m playing a ‘disco’ set. I’ll be playing some disco classics, some housier remixes of my own tunes, and everything in between. I’m really stoked to play all these new edits and so excited to dance with you all.”

Win & Woo (Alter-Ego Set: Golden-Age): “2010-2015 was the era we met Louis The Child and started Win & Woo. We consider that time the Golden Age of electronic music. The music from that time inspired our career, and we are so excited to showcase it at Alter-Ego!”

Tickets to the multi-stage takeover are currently available for purchase here, with doors to open at 7:00 p.m. local time on August 20.

Expect the unexpected: Louis The Child take over  The Brooklyn Mirage, Avant Gardner with Chet Porter, DROELOE, and more082022 LTC Square

Featured image: Colin J. Miller

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