Odd Mob delivers proper release of Soulja Boy-sampled original, ‘LEFT TO RIGHT’Odd Mob Press FULL 77

Odd Mob delivers proper release of Soulja Boy-sampled original, ‘LEFT TO RIGHT’

It all started with a video from Dolla Dolla during a snowstorm at Red Rocks. The track in that video belonged to Odd Mob, who had originally shared it through SoundCloud towards the end of 2021. But Dancing Astronaut‘s 2019 Breakout Artist of the Year ultimately redirected the track’s flight path, with Odd Mob seeing an innumerable number of comments about the track ID and ultimately deciding that it deserved a proper release. And Insomniac Records—along with his own imprint, Tinted Records—enabled him do exactly that, with Odd Mob finally delivering “LEFT TO RIGHT” after a summer season that’s been filled with support from the likes of Dom Dolla, John Summit, Alesso, and more.

Pulling a line from Soulja Boy’s iconic 2007 track “Crank That”—with a re-recording of the sample used in the track’s official form—”LEFT TO RIGHT” wasn’t originally intended to be what it inevitably became, with Odd Mob explaining that it was just a “silly bootleg that [he] made on a Twitch stream.” And he saw the Red Rocks clip at the same time everyone else did, which eventually led to countless headlining names in his direct messages requesting a lossless version and the light going off in his head on what needed to happen. As for the track itself, “LEFT TO RIGHT” is finely built around just three syllables from the 2000s classic, with Odd Mob looping it in tandem with a roaring drum pattern that paints the full picture as to why it rose from being a live set-only weapon into being a full-fledged single that will now have its support list only exponentially grow.

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