Live from Splash House, Dombresky talks upcoming b2b with Noizu, album plans [Q&A]Courtesy Of Splash House Kristina Bakrevski 1

Live from Splash House, Dombresky talks upcoming b2b with Noizu, album plans [Q&A]

One of house music’s most beloved frontrunners, Dombresky recently made his third career appearance at Goldenvoice‘s Splash House music festival in Palm Springs, California. On August 13, the “Down Low” producer closed out day two at The Saguaro, one of Splash House’s three participating hotel venues, before capping off the entire festival at an “amazing” afterparty on Sunday night.

“The Splash House after party last night was out of fucking control!” the Frenchman raved on Twitter. “Thank you so much to everyone there and the promoters for putting on such an amazing show! This is why I do this job, the energy, the love, the sweat, everything was on point.. thank you guys.”

Before stepping up to the plate at The Saguaro, however, Dombresky carved out time to speak with Dancing Astronaut regarding his upcoming back-to-back with Noizu at The Shrine Auditorium on October 22, his most memorable set of 2022, and why an LP hasn’t been in the plans yet, at least. Read the exclusive on-site interview below.

You performed at Splash House back in June alongside Noizu. What made you come back?

Dombresky: “I also did it like four years ago, I think, and I liked it a lot. When I just arrived in America, it was one of the first festivals I did. I think the vibe is great, and I was like ‘yeah, why not?’ I have good memories about this festival, so I wanted to do it again!”

What’s the most memorable set that you’ve played to date this year?

Dombresky: “Well, I had the chance to play in Ibiza this summer. I was in Europe all of the summer [where] I played at Elrow at Amnesia. And for me, it was the best memories.”

How do you compare playing a large-scale festival with more intimate events like Splash House?

Dombresky: “I’ve had the chance to play main stage and stuff…It’s cool, you have to do it for your career and for the press, but I definitely prefer small stages and intimate [settings]. My music, I think, fits more on small stages. But I do it, and I love doing it.”

You have a big show coming up at The Shrine with Noizu. Can you touch on the effort going into it?

Dombresky: “Yeah, so we already did The [Hollywood] Palladium last October. It was the first time, for me, where we built a concept stage. This time, the stage is going to be bigger, there’s going to be more production, more music, more people. We are very excited about that. We’ve started to work on the set already; it’s going to be a lot of exclusive music and the stage production is going to be amazing. That’s the goal of this party; to make the people lose their minds.”

What are you most excited about right now in your career?

Dombresky: “I can tell you, in general… It’s funny because I’m French, but I built Dombresky in America when I moved here. Then, just this year, I started getting booked in Europe. So I’m very excited to build my name in Europe, and I’m also very excited to build my name in South America. I love America, it’s great, but I’m very excited to start expanding outside [the states, among] different crowds, different cultures…But there are a lot of DJs in Europe who would love to play in America because they see the party scene here is amazing.” 

You’ve been putting out singles for years and boast numerous hits. Why no full-length album yet?

Dombresky: “That’s a good question. It’s not my priority right now, but it’s in [the cards] for sure. I love releasing singles and doing collaborations. I like feeling free and being able to do what I want when I want. The label is a lot of work, a lot of pressure… You have to schedule your year [around] the album. And I don’t like to be stuck in a lane, but I will have to do it, yes, one day. I can tell you, if I do an album, it’s not going to be club bangers at all. It’s going to be vocal house, soulful, that type of stuff. It’s really hard to make a good electronic album. So, when I have enough good songs with vocals, I’m going to put my energy into an album.”

Featured image: Kristina Bakrevski

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