Hear Julien Bracht’s ‘Rave Flower’ bloomJULIEN BY KANESCANS MAY22 2 Querformat E1663619844751

Hear Julien Bracht’s ‘Rave Flower’ bloom

If you take anything away from Rave Flower, let it be that Lea Porcelain’s Julien Bracht has a seasoned ear that’s a weapon all its own. Following a musical coming of age made through his experiences alongside Mark Nikolaus in post-punk duo System Records, is his first multi-song project to surface this year, and it descends cerebrally—and with a certain firepower.

“I really wanted to make the transition back to the ‘dance floor past‘ that I had before I formed the band Lea Porcelain. This is my way of expressing my personal rave with my very clear production of layered emotional synth patterns and pads. The EP is made for the right ‘rave’ moments, and I was definitely inspired by bigroom raves from the ‘90s and 2000’s,” Bracht says of Rave Flower.

The EP, led by “Across the Ocean” and “Don’t Chase Your Enemies,” can be experienced in its immersive headiness below.

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