Mild Minds’ ‘IT WON’T DO’ EP lands on Foreign Family CollectiveE8zUHbTUYAESok1

Mild Minds’ ‘IT WON’T DO’ EP lands on Foreign Family Collective

Mild Minds has officially capped off his long-awaited IT WON’T DO EP with an identically titled new single. The GRAMMY-nominated artist initiated the project rollout in August of 2021 with “NO SKIN,” featuring Frameworks. Three singles later, Mild Minds turns in the fifth and final inclusion, “IT WON’T DO,” on his now-formalized extended play record, streaming everywhere on ODESZA’s globally renowned Foreign Family imprint.

After the first joint effort, “NO SKIN,” Mild Minds gradually rolled out solo offerings “MACHINE,” “HAUNTED,” and “DEVOTION,” respectively. While the project’s early-release singles evoked darker, more melancholic undertones, the Melbourne native’s final addition proves to be more lighthearted and fun while maintaining sonic consistency with the rest of the project. On “IT WON’T DO,” Mild Minds explained,

“After making a lot more serious, darker music these past two years I started to feel like I really wanted to drop something on the more uplifting and cheerful side of things; a whole side of this project that has been neglected for a while. Meanwhile, the tempo and mood of songs on my personal playlists had also been creeping up these last 6 months, so it felt liberating and like a nice change of pace to put something so carefree and fun out there.”

Stream Mild Minds’ new 5-piece EP, IT WON’T DO, via Foreign Family Collective below.

Featured image: Mild Minds / Twitter

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