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Seven Lions taps Vancouver Sleep Clinic to uncover second ‘Beyond the Veil’ preview, ‘Call On Me’

Coming to terms with the fact that a Seven Lions album in forthcoming is still inconceivable. Just beyond a month ago, the Ophelia Records boss unloaded a bombshell broadcast on the dance music world—after clearing out his Instagram—with the revelation that his first full-length project in his decade-plus timeline was forthcoming. And just a few days later, Seven Lions instantaneously got the Beyond the Veil ball rolling with the assistance of So Below on “Every Time.” With Beyond The Veil currently slotted for an October 21 due date, Seven Lions is pulling the album curtains back just a little more before he touches down at Electric Zoo less than 72 hours later, partnering up with Vancouver Sleep Clinic for “Call On Me.”

Unlike “Every Time,” “Call On Me” hadn’t made any sort of live appearance throughout the past few months, sending everyone into release day completely blind in terms of any expectations. And “Call On Me” is unlike “Every Time” is another sense, being that Seven Lions explores an entirely new breath of melodic dubstep in a way that maintains his position as the genre’s commander-in-chief. Tapping into an indie-electronic scope with Vancouver Sleep Clinic, Seven Lions’ newest LP showing holds a halo of calming, emotion-drenched melodic dubstep around it that unifies both his quintessential style and a wholly refreshing identity that he’s only just getting started with. We might be only two tracks into Beyond The Veil, but the full picture is gradually being painted that Seven Lions may truly have something era-defining on the way for our reigning label of the year this October.

Featured image: Jason Siegel Photography

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