Space Ducks make STMPD RCRDS entry on highly anticipated debut, ‘PANIC’Untitled Design 81

Space Ducks make STMPD RCRDS entry on highly anticipated debut, ‘PANIC’

Who are Space Ducks? That’s a question that’s been on everyone’s mind and one that no one seems to have a concrete answer to. In the middle of Martin Garrix‘s second of two Tomorrowland sets this past July, he planted a track that left those in the crowd and those watching at home immediately pulling out Shazam only to come up empty. That same ID has reappeared in virtually every Garrix set in the time since but there were still only fan theories as to who could potentially be behind it. That was until Garrix included it in the 414th episode of his mix series, revealing Space Ducks as its sole creator, “PANIC” as its official title, and STMPD RCRDS as its release home that would arrive on September 2.

And even on release day, Space Ducks still remains an anonymous alias considering the streaming credits are left blank. What we can likely rule out though is it being a side project between Martin Garrix and Alesso, with that empty rumor circulating after the two played “PANIC” during their surprise back-to-back in Toronto. But it doesn’t really matter who’s behind Space Ducks. What matters is the crisp degree of blue-chip production that the space duo—almost like a STMPD RCRDS spinoff of AREA21—have soaked into their siren-filled debut entry. “PANIC” sees STMPD RCRDS lean further into tech-house territory, with Space Ducks attaching a veteran production presence to a brand new alias that already proves whatever they have in store will be worth keeping an eye on.

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