See it: Ampersounds’ ‘World Is Ours’ music video is a thrillZ

See it: Ampersounds’ ‘World Is Ours’ music video is a thrill

Los Angeles-based duo Ampersounds has shared the accompanying visual for their September single, “World is Ours” featuring vocalist Elan Atias. Comprising producer and bassist Fred Falke and DJ Zen Freeman, Ampersounds is a new dance/electronic project that debuted in 2021 with “Burning Down The House.” To date, “World Is Ours” is Ampersounds’ first music video for which Falke and Freeman are the sole producers.

The visual for their ninth all-time single premieres on October 26, embodying a reggae-inspired style of house music that dovetails with Ampersounds’ intention to differentiate themselves through fresh sounds complemented by the use of an MPC-60, CS-80 synthesizer, and a vintage bass guitar. Tapping into a vintage French-house sound reminiscent of Daft Punk‘s, the new music video gives an old-school and nostalgic visual to the groovy “World Is Ours.” Watch it below.

Featured image: Ampersounds

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