SEXPAYS, FRASER’s synergy shines on groovy EP, ‘MIDNIGHT BEASTS’21

SEXPAYS, FRASER’s synergy shines on groovy EP, ‘MIDNIGHT BEASTS’

A product of sheer synergy, SEXPAYS’ and FRASER’s collaborative EP, MIDNIGHT BEASTS, has hit digital streaming platforms with pep in its step and soul in its heart. An EP was not originally in the plans for SEXPAYS and FRASER, who initially intended to create one collaboration after crossing paths via Instagram. Their creative interplay went on to yield not one but five songs, all of which figure on the kinetic, disco-flavored EP.

“The inspiration and direction for this EP to me would be to pay homage to classic, raw sounding French house/French touch from the late ‘90s and early 2000’s. I want to bring this sound back; I feel like it’s a timeless genre,” FRASER said.

FRASER’s French house and tech house sensibilities collide with SEXPAYS’ disco-house penchants in a kinetic fashion that confers a polish to the upbeat, feel-good effort. Midnight Beasts marries the classic sound and feel of French house/French touch in modern frameworks fit for today’s dancefloors—take “BECAUSE OF U” as an example. A fun and funky joint endeavor with personality and flair, MIDNIGHT BEASTS is evidence that SEXPAYS and FRASER are simply a match made in collaborative heaven.

MIDNIGHT BEASTS is now streaming everywhere, courtesy of Cool.Cool.Cool. Records.

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