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Amidy backs triple-threat status again on Heaven Sent EP, ‘Wild Winds’

Ever since Amidy told his story during the seventh edition of our Supernovas series more than a year ago, he’s done everything in his power to uphold the triple-threat designation attached to him. And the Supernovas alumni—and also one of Dancing Astronaut‘s Artist to Watch in 2022—has now completed Wild Winds, his sophomore EP on SLANDER’s home for melodic bass.

An EP follow-up to Sanctuary—his last extended outing on Heaven Sent from more than a year prior—Amidy further energizes that multifaceted label of an artist that checks off the singer, songwriter, and producer boxes. Preceded by “Motion” alongside Abandoned as well as the EP’s eponymous cut with help from Man Cub, Wild Winds consummates the tracklist trifecta with the Danny Olson and Tyler Graves-backed cut “Gravity,” with Amidy offering up three fine-tuned, distinctive slices of sublime melodic bass. Amidy spoke on how Wild Winds came together, explaining,

“The process of making the Wild Winds EP has been an absolutely amazing time. The story of going with the flow and letting life take you wherever it leads you couldn’t resonate with me more. I’ve been in a stage of life where I don’t want to be afraid of going on a journey I may not be used to. We only have one life and I know it can be scary thinking about screwing it up. But I think letting things go and remembering to be in the moment and not being afraid to say yes to unexpected plans or journeys can lead you to some of the most memorable and fantastic times. This life is full of twists and turns, why try and control it when you can let the Wild Winds take you on a journey?”

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