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Lane 8 refreshes ’Reviver’ with 15 expansive takes from Grigoré, Falden, Luzi Tudor, and more

Reviver had yet to even pass the one-month old mark before Lane 8 gradually began rolling out its string of remixes. But before the This Never Happened boss and Dancing Astronaut 2020 Artist of the Year‘s fourth album now inches closer towards its one-year milestone in January, he’s putting a cap on the near 10-month construction of Reviver Remixed and unveiling it in its entirety.

Considering how the tracklist depth of Lane 8’s LP remix editions have only expanded since Rise, there was a reasonable expectation that Reviver Remixed was going to follow a similar path in recruiting a sizable class of artists. And six of the Reviver Remixed cuts had already been presented over the course of 2022, including Sultan + Shepard‘s “Survive” take, EMBRZ‘s “Red Lights” take, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs‘ Reviver title cut, take, OCULA‘s “Watermelon Wormhole” take, Grafix‘s “Survive” take, and last but not least, Le Youth‘s rework of “I’ll Wait,” which arrived just a week prior.

On release day, there’s still nine more names joining the Reviver Remixed table, including a mixture of This Never Happened mainstays and label newcomers. And those monikers are revealed to be Grigoré—who reimagines “Together”—CRi—who reimagines “I’ll Wait”—Falden—whose reimagining of “Closer” jumps off the “Summer 2022 Mixtape” ID list—Khåen—who reimagines “Nuclear Lethargy”—Ashibah—who reimagines “All I Want”—Jerome Isma-Ae—who reimagines “Automatic”—PARIS—who reimagines “What Have You Done To Me?”—Luzi Tudor—who reimagines “Trampoline Counting Stars”—and finally Anderholm, who puts his spin on “Illuminate.” And Lane 8 does exactly as he’s done with each of his past album renewals, supplying his senior album with a fresh melodic perspective as each of the 15 remixers still latch onto the at-large grandeur of the original while providing their own personalized twist of melodic house.

Stream all of Reviver Remixed below.

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