Skrillex sheds candid light on his mental health, absence over recent yearsScreenshot 2023 01 23 At 2.21.19 PM

Skrillex sheds candid light on his mental health, absence over recent years

Skrillex recently opened up about his struggles with mental health and how his mother’s death profoundly affected him. Tweeting that this past year was the “toughest year of my life,” he formerly attributed his decision to withdraw from the Movement Festival and Sunset Music Festival rosters to needing time to work on his albums. However, he went on to divulge that this was not entirely the case. The OWSLA founder shares that he was actually, “working on himself.” Needing space to deal with the death of his mother, whose death coincided with a string of Lollapalooza performances in South America several years back. Skrillex says it took time to process the emotions, and that he initially turned to alcohol as a means of coping. Finding himself “with no drive and purpose for the first time in my life,” Skrillex says he “had to put everything on ice especially my projects/career.”

However, the news leaves fans with a sense of hope. “For the first time in 4-5 years I’ve found a new sense of peace,” the Recess creator goes on to say. And his newfound gusto has been evident, both in his releases and performances. Sharing “Rumble” and “Way Back” from his highly anticipated double album release that’s coming this year, Skrillex has also played a series of shows with Four Tet and Fred again.. that have captivated audiences and reignited anticipation in his career. Dance music just didn’t feel the same without Skrillex.

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