Hardwell opens door number one of six-track EP to find ‘Balança’ with VINNEScreenshot 2023 02 09 At 10.34.07 PM

Hardwell opens door number one of six-track EP to find ‘Balança’ with VINNE

With Dancing Astronaut‘s 2022 Album of the Year—and its deluxe edition—in the musical rearview, there wasn’t a concrete answer as to how Hardwell was going to move forward on the release front in 2023. But as it’s been said countless times already, the Revealed Recordings boss had already put it in writing that the new year wouldn’t come without more new music. And in the first month alone, Hardwell had already kept his promise with a pair of co-remixes in tandem with Maddix. But outside of both the “Satisfaction” rework and “Take Me Away Again,” there were still a sizable tally of tracks still sitting in the ID tank from the Rebels Never Die tour stops that followed Hardwell’s comeback at Ultra.

When an Instagram story popped up from Hardwell with nothing but a countdown clock and what seemed to be six unopened doors, Dancing Astronaut—to no one’s surprise—hit the nail on the head with a prediction on what it possibly could be. Hardwell soon after confirmed our theory, and as the calendar rapidly moves closer and closer to our annual return to downtown Miami, he’s stepping through the first of six collaborative doors—each of which will be open weekly through March 17—with the release of “Balança” alongside VINNE. Alongside Hardwell and Maddix’s modernization of 4 Strings’ trance classic, “Balança” was also formally introduced during the former’s appearance in Romania for Untold Festival. And its production recipe deciphers yet another configuration to Hardwell’s bigroom-techno maturation, linking the genre hybrid he’s been fine-tuning over the past year with VINNE’s Brazilian-based influence.

Still without an exact name at the time of writing, Hardwell’s six-sided EP will continue on February 17 with his long-awaited ID with Will Sparks, “Twisted.” And while the remaining release schedule is still yet to be disclosed, Revealed Recordings confirmed that four of Hardwell’s most-requested IDs will fill those seats, including one of his two Olly James collaborations, a reunion with Quintino, “Revolution” with Maddix and Timmy Trumpet, and last but not least, one of Dancing Astronaut‘s most-anticipated releases of the year, “Judgement Day” with Sub Zero Project.

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