LP Giobbi celebrates 50 years of Jerry Garcia’s ‘Garcia’ with remix albumLp Giobbi Tania Hauyon Photo

LP Giobbi celebrates 50 years of Jerry Garcia’s ‘Garcia’ with remix album

Lifelong DeadHead, LP Giobbi has remixed Jerry Garcia’s self-titled Garcia album in its entirety. Cementing her spot as one of Dancing Astronaut’s Artists to Watch in 2022, Giobbi took on the monumental task with help from Le Chev and DJ Tennis. The eight remixes breathe new life into Garcia, bringing a vibrant and free-roaming house feel to the album. Produced in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the LP, Giobbi constructs deep house grooves around Jerry’s now-warbly voice and meandering guitar. Of course, she adds her anthemic, characteristic piano touches into the mix. Giobbi is the daughter of hippies, who traversed the nation following the Grateful Dead around during their feverish apex, instilling an indelible love for jam in their daughter. It’s no wonder then, why her productions pulse and swirl with kaleidoscopic melody.

While the remix album is the latest sonic offering from Giobbi, she continues to extend her career in all directions with work as the North American Music Director for W hotels, co-owning Animal Talk Collective, running her own record label and more.

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