Steve Angello, Sebastian Ingrosso, and PARISI reunite to renew Roman Flügel’s 2004 classic with ‘U Ok?’UMF2023 0326 204603 4716 ALIVECOVERAGE Edit

Steve Angello, Sebastian Ingrosso, and PARISI reunite to renew Roman Flügel’s 2004 classic with ‘U Ok?’

More than a decade earlier, Steve Angello worked his magic on “Geht’s Noch?” Fast forward to 2023 and Angello deemed a second revisit to Roman Flügel’s minimalist techno classic was in order. But it wouldn’t be without the help of both a Swedish House Mafia counterpart and an Italian duo. A couple of weeks before Steve Angello, Sebastian Ingrosso, and Axwell used it to reintroduce themselves to downtown Miami a whole half-decade after their 2018 formation, Angello and Ingrosso threw a teaser up to Instagram with what could’ve only been assumed to be more collaborative work after their double-sided Speak Now EP towards the end of 2022. Surely enough, that’s exactly what it was, with Angello, Ingrosso, and PARISI—whom they worked alongside on the forenamed EP—reuniting for a modern-day reimagining of the 2004 original formally known as “U Ok?”

It all started earlier in 2023 when a friend of PARISI found an old USB from the early 2010s, which unexpected included an isolated lead of “Ghet’s Noch?” After playing a demo edit they’d been working on to Angello and Ingrosso, the Swedes knew based on their longtime history with the original that they wanted to be a part of the “timeless melody” once more, returning to their house roots—just as Swedish House Mafia did at Ultra—to result in a proper collaboration. And after Fred again.. and Skrillex set it loose during their surprise back-to-back in Buenos Aires, “U Ok?”—of course—spread like wildfire, leading it to a global introduction during its inevitable placement as Axwell, Sebastian Ingrosso, and Steve Angello’s opening soundtrack to another historic appearance at Bayfront Park. Just a few weeks later and it’s now ours. Travel back to Bayfront Park by streaming “U Ok? below.

Featured image: Alive Coverage

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