Hardwell, Maddix reunite to green light one of Ultra’s most-requested IDs with Luciana, ‘ACID’Screenshot 2023 05 04 At 11.32.09 PM

Hardwell, Maddix reunite to green light one of Ultra’s most-requested IDs with Luciana, ‘ACID’

A as in all night long. For anyone that’s witnessed Hardwell‘s Ultra 2023 set even once, there’s a more than likely chance that the rest of those lyrics had already been mentally filled in. And if Dancing Astronaut‘s most-anticipated IDs of 2023 list was open to new submissions past the start of January, there isn’t an ounce of doubt that “ACID” would have immediately become a part of it at the end of March. Hardwell has unquestionably been in control of dance music’s reigns—alongside Skrillex—throughout 2023’s first third of the calendar—already putting 10 releases on the board—including a six-sided EP that came to a head with “Judgement Day” just 14 days prior. And with almost a week to go until the Revealed Recordings boss makes his way back to New York for the first time since his UBS Arena stop in 2022, he’s keeping that white-hot release run going in the form of a reunion with both Maddix and Luciana.

To catch everyone up to speed, the Hardwell and Maddix combination has already hit the green light trifecta in 2023—on their “Satisfaction” rework, “Take Me Away Again,” and “Revolution“—but the pairing of Hardwell and Luciana marks another meeting that’s been almost a decade in the making. And those two names first crossed paths in 2014 on the lead United We Are single. Nine years later, “Arcadia” is officially getting its long-overdue successor as we swap out the livestream rip from Ultra for the real thing. And as the “A C I D” letters flashed across the mainstage at Bayfront Park, Hardwell and Maddix carved yet out another stylistic side to their clever half-and-half of bigroom-techno, giving it a acidic tint as Luciana chants out an inescapable vocal that’s constantly looping in the background of listeners’ minds at every second, minute, and hour of the day. And if that last sentence doesn’t ring true for anyone reading this, change that by streaming “ACID” below.

Featured image: Ultra/Instagram

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